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A new year, a new house, a renewed blog, a new focus on my quilting. My plans are to show more "how to" posts about quilting.

May I have them?

I’m glad the necktie quilt instructions are being helpful to so many people.   Would anyone want to help me in return?  I need clothing labels.  You know, those things that are sewn into a seam of a garment and irritate you when you wear it.  I can use any kind from any clothing.  Ties usually have a label sewn to the back.  If you don’t need those may I please have them?

I’ve had some people email me for my home address.   My emails must be going to spam filters because I DO answer all emails and then I never hear from them again.  It is better to contact me through the comments where I can answer in the comments.  To get around this email problem here is my home address:

Anita Estes 3718 Luken Drive Louisville Kentucky 40216

Thank you




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