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A new year, a new house, a renewed blog, a new focus on my quilting. My plans are to show more "how to" posts about quilting.

Learn to write with your machine

Just like when you learned to write your ABCs; learning to do freehand design is  learned by watching the teacher then practice, practice, practice.   I wasn’t born knowing how to machine quilt.  I had to learn.  It doesn’t matter if you move the quilt sandwich or move your machine.  It’s knowing how the designs are created that matters.  The same as when you first learned to write.  You learned the movements which created the letters.

I did a short video I hope you enjoy.  Yup, this time I added my voice.  I’m gonna have to practice, practice, practice before I’m able to create great teaching videos.

Just as I was finishing this video I smelled smoke.  I quickly ended it so I could investigate where the smell was coming from.  I posted videos on my main blog about a neighborhood fire.

Now that I know how to put videos on my blog, I’m hooked.  I want to learn more.  Hmm…. it should be good practice for when I’m actually ready to produce a DVD.   Ya think?  Ok, maybe I’ll never create the DVD but this is fun just the same.


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This entry was posted on February 1, 2012 by in Learn to write a design, MACHINE QUILTING.
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